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Wicked cam chat. This robust behaviour winded Bette a little, curbing somewhat her hysterical laughter at the antics of this funny man.

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“I’m not safe to be out in the wilds, I’m a city boy,” Ewan said defensively.

“Oh my poor boy,” cooed Bette, taking the opportunity to mother him, cradling him and kissing his face profusely.

Now she felt complete.

Far too soon Ewan opened his mouth and spoilt this idyllic moment for Bette, asking: “Do you do this to your husband.”


“May I ask, why not?”

“Because his style is not to bare his emotions.”

“Have you spoken to him about it, you obviously like doing it?”

“I have, but got the brick wall treatment so I never talk about it these days.”

But you still fuck?”

“Oh yes, in the main I get the perfunctory ‘Turn over darling and I’ll shaft you’.”

“But when a big dry comes and we go day after day with hot weather knowing our stock and the land needs rain we get tense and scrap, the scraps turn into rows and then we have a dingo of a battle.”

Ewan obviously was listening.

“And that‘s when you pack the wagon and take off – so you don’t kill him.”

Bette turned away quickly and said in a low voice she’d never do that. Wicked cam chat.

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